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All Types of Drives

Brand Size Type RPM Price$
Seagate 10.2Gb IDE 5400 201.50
15Gb IDE 5400 231
Fujitsu 20Gb IDE 5400 239
W/D 30Gb IDE 5400 call
Seagate or W/D 45Gb IDE 5400 call
W/D 15Gb IDE 7200 call
Seagate/IBM/W/D 20Gb IDE 7200 282
Seagate/W/D 30Gb IDE 7200 call
W/D 15Gb IDE 7200 call
IBM 18Gb SCSI Ultra wide call
IBM 9.1Gb SCSI Ultra wide call
Panasonic 1.44Mb Floppy 23.50
LS-120Mb Floppy 141

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Prices are in Australian dollars, include GST and are subject to change without notice.
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