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Here is a system with power to spare.


* BXI TARGA Main Board with Intel 440BX chip
* 250W ATX Midi Tower Case
* 128Mb SDRAM (PC133)
* 15Gb Hard Drive
* 1.44 ALPS (Japanese) FDD
* 17" TARGA Monitor
* 32Mb Nvidia TNT-II M/64 AGP 3D Video
* 52x TARGA CD-Rom Drive
* Sound Blaster Live Sound
* PS/2 Mouse
* Honeywell Multimedia PS/2 Keyboard
* 600W JUSTER Speakers with SubWoofer
* 56K V.90 ACER External Fax/Modem
* Windows-98se Operating System on CD
* Lotus Smartsuit Milinnium
* FREE Delivery in Melb Metro Area
* FREE Setup and Training
* FREE Personal WebPage (Geocities/Tripod)

** Pentium-III 800 $2299.00 (incl GST)

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